Dennis M. Savard, Ph.D.

Dennis M. Savard began his career in criminal justice and security as an auxiliary officer with the University of Detroit Mercy Police Department where he provided security services for the university and at special events. Dr. Savard also served as a security guard at the Michigan International Speedway where he conducted a variety of security duties. While working in these positions, he earned a B.A. degree in political science and criminal justice and an M.A. degree in criminal justice.

Dr. Savard is a Death Investigator with the Saginaw County (Michigan) Medical Examiner’s Office. In this position, Dr. Savard investigates death scenes to discern the manner and cause of death for individuals who died in violent or unexpected ways.

Dr. Savard has also been a practicing forensic criminologist for nearly a decade. In this position, he provides criminology and security consulting services to both public and private entities. Dr. Savard has extensive expertise in deposition and testimony analysis, crime analysis, research on standards of care, and analyzing foreseeability issues involving security, law enforcement, and corrections.

Dr. Savard has been involved in cases dealing with use of force, police pursuits, jail suicide, health care services, failure to protect, and other conditions of confinement issues. He has had active involvement in several cases throughout the United States.

Dr. Savard also acts as a principal consultant in premises security litigation by providing expert consulting in evaluating issues of crime foreseeability and appropriate standards of care in the security industry. Dr. Savard practices forensic criminology by simultaneously integrating his teaching, research, and forensic practice with one another. During his tenure in these positions, Dr. Savard earned an additional M.A. degree in sociology and a Ph.D. degree in sociology.

Dr. Savard is also an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan where he teaches introduction to criminal justice, forensic criminology, profiling and threat assessment, policing, and criminological theory.

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